Washoe Storey Conservation District, Nevada USA
NRCS office  Corporate Drive
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: (775) 357-8500

1365 Corporate Blvd
Reno, NV 89502-7102


We at the Washoe-Storey Conservation District are looking for new Board Member and volunteers.
If you are interested.please call Bret Tyler @ 775 722-6302 or email washoestoreycd@gmail.com

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WSCD Sage Grouse Patches are available!
$10 Donation Patch, Help Support Your Environment!

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Sage Grouse Preservation  Project

Keegan Mulcahy Eagle Project1

This is a picture from the Eagle Scout Project that was sponsored for the Nevada Department of Conservation and the Washoe/Storey Conservation District.  The Eagle Scout Project consisted of hanging specially designed markers along five barbed wire fenced enclosures in the Spanish Flats area, north of Winnemucca Ranch. These enclosures which are setup to support and protect the valuable wetland and springs habitat, but pose a threat to sage grouse. The project is to help the local sage grouse population be able to see the fences before they fly into them, thus avoiding injuries and potential loses of the species.  Pictured left to right are Kevin Roukey, WSCD Manager; Barbara Stewart, Reno Elks Lodge Youth Activities Chair; Keegan Mulcahy, Eagle Scout Candidate; and Jim Stewart, BSA District Leader.

Website: http://www.nevadaconservation.com
Email: glassact@moondog.net

Main Contact at the District Office call

Bret Tyler (775) 722-6302                                                                                          email: glassact@moodog.net

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