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The Washoe-Storey Conservation District is governed by a seven member Board of Supervisors. The board is a combination of elected and appointed citizens who make District policy and oversee the decisions and activities of the District. Current District Supervisors include:

BRET TYLER ~CHAIRMAN: Bret Tyler was Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, and is also an active member in his community. Bret is a founder and former Board member the Lockwood Community Corporation and was the Chairman of Storey County Planning Commission. In 2006, Bret was elected to the Canyon General Improvement District.   He is also the current Chairman of the WSCD (17th year).  In Bret’s spare time, he enjoys gardening, art, and travel.

JIM SHAFFER ~TREASURER: California State University Fresno 1974 B.S. Environmental Science California State University Chico 1990 Graduate Work Public Administration, Butte County Mosquito & Vector Control 1997-2002 Regional Supervisor, Washoe County District Health Department Environmentalist II.



KEVIN ROUKEY ~ CONSULTANT:  Senior Environmental Manager/Senior Regulatory Specialist/Project Manager.  I am currently employed as a Senior Regulatory Specialist for Three Parameters Plus, Inc. (3PPI), a natural resources consulting firm Kevinbased out of Anchorage, Alaska.  They currently have several “home offices” in the Lower 48 of which, I am one in Reno, Nevada.  Prior to coming to work for 3PPI, I served as Senior Regulatory Specialist in RBF Consulting’s Reno, Nevada Office.  I recently retired as the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Chief, responsible for the Reno Nevada Regulatory Field Office.  I have more than three decades of experience and knowledge of the USACE Regulatory Program guideline, regulations, policies and related laws to execute the Regulatory Program within the State of Nevada, including the Lake Tahoe Basin, central and northern California, and Utah.  I effectively and efficiently administered and monitored the processing of all permit applications or inquiries for permit actions by balancing the input of project data and processing.  I has overseen and assisted in the processing and preparation of USACE permit applications, compliance and enforcement cases (including the most complex and controversial) as well as assisting in the preparation of National Environmental Preservation Act (NEPA) related documents to include:  Environmental Assessments, 404 (b)(1) Alternatives Analysis, Biological Assessments, EIR/EIS’s and other environmental documents for activities in jurisdictional waters of the United States within the regulatory authorities of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Sections, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899.  During my career with the Corps of Engineers, I also served as a Project Manager for both the Civil Works Branch of Program and Project Management Division, working on Flood Control Projects and the EPA Grants Branch of the Construction-Operations Division, working on various Waste Water Treatment Facilities throughout Nevada.  I also served as a Civil Engineering Technician in the Contract Administration Branch for Military Projects

Owner of Bionomic Solutions LLC
Nevada Ag Producer


SPENCER SCOTT ~ CONSULTANT:                                                          Commercial Farmer; and Building Commercial & residential structures have occupied a great deal of my life. Commercial farming in North Central Washington State, of organic nuts, soft fruit , and organic vegetables and their interstate marketing ; and growing of 8 varieties of conventional pears commercially packed and nationally sold, while taking advanced studies in entomology, and maintaining, continuing education credits for a registered pesticide applicator’s license has occupied several interesting july 4 (2)years. Farming has always had drawing influence being around our family farms, of commercial soya bean, cotton production, and vegetables.Leasing my farming operations, and accepting a Travel commitment overseas to work as a consultant/ farm director, farm marketing analyst , procurement and logistic specialist, to assist a University in getting it’s 1700 acre commercial farm back inline and in production while interfacing with the 8,000, acre cattle operations. Reviewing and taking an overall production assessment and sharing a vision with administrators, faculty, and farm staff of seize-able potential. Then with only the Almighty’s help; a tangible,  Realizable production reality contrast was produced, in the farming of selected crops, and fruit, and in marketing and income from fresh sales and engagement of specialty events and value added product . This way-mark was erected, with the hard work and long hours of dedicated farm employees. The affirmative answered call, committed and consumed a span of four years, that was marked some intriguing challenges, in combination with lifelong memorable moments. The current privilege of working for the owner of a multinational company based in the US in the capacity of grower and executive operations manager, new product representative, of a research testing development center and year round commercial green housing farming operation, combined with seasonal field crop production; employing one of the most advanced hydroponic systems available on the market today as the green house growing platform. My ongoing sales and initiated trials of the company’s new patented products, give access and operations contact to some of worlds the largest national an international farming operations. This ongoing work unfolding over the past 4 + years has many a highlight.

 Board Supervisor – Vacant

Position Open until filled – If you are interested in filling this position, please contact Bret Tyler, District Chairman by e-mail;  or call 775-722-6302

CITIES APPOINTED BOARD SUPERVISOR -Position open until filled.







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